Willie, Tux and One-Eyed Jack

By Dr. Kari Walsh >>>

Huddled in the corner of a dark box with my mother and four siblings, I tried to keep my grip on the cardboard as we were shuffled from side to side. It was too smooth of a surface for my little claws to grip, but my cries were ignored by my mother. She always ignored us; just like the humans did.

When the box suddenly went still, I sensed my mother’s anxiety increasing. We exchanged a cardboard box for a metal one. I couldn’t hear the cries of the scores of cats like she could, my hearing wasn’t developed yet, but I could smell the fear that permeated the Lancaster Animal Shelter. Fear that caused so many of my kind to fall ill with upper respiratory infections. Fear that caused my mother to reject me and my siblings. Fear that contributed to the death of two of my siblings.

Furever Purr Rescue knew that my family was doomed if we remained at Lancaster, so they saved us. They showed us how kind humans can be. We were brought to a comfortable home and a kind woman called Nancy welcomed us with fuzzy blankets and lullabies. This was how it was supposed to be! We snuggled into mama for food, but each time she would get up and walk away.…my mother would never show interest in us again. We were moved from our mom to a new house.

A gentle woman called Linda fed me and my brothers by bottle. How we all loved that bottle! We fought being weaned until we were 8 weeks old! Linda named me Jack. She took equally good care of my brothers, whom she named Willie and Tux.

With Linda’s help; Willie, Tux, and I were strong enough to meet the rest of her family that included dogs and cats. Dogs were fun to play with, but the adventures my brothers and I took together were much better. One of our (new kitty) friends had a coat that wasn’t as nice as mine, but my brothers and I didn’t care. We played and played. After a short time together our coats started falling out! We were so itchy! I thought baths were something humans did to make us smell better, but Linda bathed us in the foulest smelling liquid. She called it Lime Sul-fur. We didn’t itch as much, but we stunk like rotten eggs.

My brothers and I were thriving once again, but our happy times wouldn’t last. I remember sneaking in and hearing Linda on the phone. She was talking about us! I listened very closely and heard that she couldn’t continue to foster us. I was heartbroken, but Linda’s voice sounded sad too. Her husband wasn’t doing well and needed an operation. She explained to the rescue that we could make her husband sicker because our skin disease, ringworm, was contagious to people so I told my brothers to gather their courage and place our trust in new humans.

We moved from foster to foster. We met so many different humans: old ones, young ones, and miniature ones. All these moves began to take their toll on my family even though our brotherly bond remained as strong as ever. We didn’t handle change well. Willie sneezed and had a stuffy nose. Each human tried to put a different disgusting liquid in his mouth to make him feel better, but as soon as he started improving, our home would be taken away again.

I was affectionately called “One-Eyed Jack.” I noticed I could never see when my brothers snuck up on me from one side, but I didn’t know how unusual I was until I was taken to the veterinarian. This wasn’t any old veterinarian either—they called this human a specialist. He didn’t seem to have much hope for my eye but said to give me more time. My third eyelid was stuck to the top layer of my eye and wouldn’t move no matter how much I tried.

Now we are all five months old and my brothers and I have settled into life at the founder of Furever Purr Rescue, Bridget’s, home. She has taken such good care of us! Just the other day, she had a vet come out to her house to examine us. Willie may be allergic to something in the environment. Tux is in great health. And I, I need my eye removed. It keeps bulging out further and further and it is starting to bother me. I’ll be so much more comfortable once I have surgery!

Bridget reassures my brothers and me that our next home will be our forever home. She is hoping that at least two of us will get to stay together. She sees how much we love each other. We also see how much she loves us! Furever Purr Rescue has helped 300 kittens and cats just like me find loving homes after healing from illness and neglect. She hopes to help even more cat’s in2016, and she needs help from as many humans as possible!

If you find it in your heart to help me have surgery, help Willie get allergy medications, or help more cats and kittens with special needs be rescued from the animal shelter, please make your tax deductible donation at www.FureverPurrRescue.org. If you have any interest in being me or my brother’s forever home, please contact Bridget through her website. We are ready to be loved!