Delilah and Others Like Her

Most people would say that the worst day in the cycle of pet ownership is the day their furry friend dies. A book published in the spring seeks to comfort individuals in the process of grieving the loss of their animals.

“Delilah and Others Like Her” was penned by Trish Titus after the death of her cat, Delilah. “I didn’t want her to be forgotten, or any other pets,” said the Iowa native, of her first writing project. “I feel these stories can help comfort, and hopefully, start pet owners on a journey of healing, no matter how small the steps are.

The book is about pet owners whose pets have passed away, either from illness or accidents. In it they share memories of the life and death of their pets, including photos. It was published in March through BookLogix and is a print-on-demand book, as well as an e-book.

If you have stories to share, contact Trish Titus at