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Nirip Shokar, DVM of Pinnacle Veterinary Center

There are a couple of generalizations you can make about residents of the Santa Clarita Valley. One is that many individuals who grow up in the community find a lot of good reasons to stay. And another is that local pet owners want their animals to have the best care. Both are true of Nirip […] Read more

New Veterinarian – Meet Sarah Marino

Patients at Santa Clarita Animal Hospital are now receiving more comprehensive care, thanks to a new member of the team: Sarah Marino, DVM. In early June she became a part of the Newhall area practice, where Dr. Marino found a great opportunity to continue her passion for general veterinary medicine. “For me, it’s really about […] Read more

Physical Rehabilitation Treatment for Animals

By Christy Leddy RVT, CCRA >>> Animal physical rehabilitation is continually growing in popularity within the veterinary community. With pet owners requesting more answers and options for their pets who are suffering from various health conditions, physical rehabilitation is opening the doorway for veterinarians to treat acute and chronic injuries. I have worked in veterinary […] Read more

Understanding Head Tilt in Rabbits

By Amber Wheelbarger, DVM >>> It was a day like any other. I woke up, listened for the dog next door, and thought about looking for a bite to eat. Suddenly, I discovered I could not move my head correctly and I had a horrible headache. The world was sideways. And the more I tried […] Read more

Treating Your Pet for Ear Mites

When you see your dog scratch and scratch and wonder what’s bugging him, it could be just that: a bug. Ear mites, or otodectes cynotis, can be the problem, and pet owners should be aware of them, says the American Kennel Club, or AKC. Latin for “ear beggar of the dog,” it describes what the […] Read more

Essential Oils For Our Pets

By Jeanette Lee Yamamoto, DVM >>> As you may or may not have heard, essential oil usage is becoming very popular in today’s modern world, though they have historically been utilized for all types of ailments for thousands of years. Essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, […] Read more

Heartworm Disease: Do We Need To Worry for our Pets?

By Jaimie Ronchetto, DVM >>> If you have a dog, you most likely have heard of heartworm disease. If you have always had a dog living in Southern California, you may have been told in the past that we don’t have the disease here. However, in more recent years we are starting to see outbreaks […] Read more

Golden State Veterinary Care

Golden State Veterinary Care opened its doors to the community of Castaic on October 6, 2015. We are conveniently located in the Hasley Canyon Village Shopping Center situated across from Ralphs between H&R block and the nail salon. We offer veterinary services to dogs and cats including vaccinations, well care, illness or injury, general surgery […] Read more