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Trained to Protect

by Natalia Radcliffe Ever wonder how dogs gain the skill to realistically “bite” the bad guy in the movies, or work with the police or military? One avenue dogs can take is joining the Protection Sports Association, also known as the PSA. According to the Protection Sports Association website, the organization’s mission is to provide […] Read more

Training Your Dog

by Mark Tipton Q: What if your dog is digging or otherwise destroying the yard? A: You need to give your dog a job to do if your dog doesn’t already have one. Otherwise, they are “self-employed” and will act as your gardener. Teach your dog the “find it” game. Give your dog a frozen […] Read more

Spring Fever

By Laurel van der Linde It has been a long, hard winter. When compared to the extreme sub-zero temperatures in the Midwest and on the East Coast, those of us in SoCal have no reasonable argument to complain. But, complain we will when given the (seemingly) inordinate amount of rain and the resulting mud and […] Read more

Training Your Dog

What do you do if your dogs keep fighting with each other? Take your dogs to the vet to be thoroughly checked over, just to be sure that one of your dogs isn’t having a health issue. If there are no health issues, relationship exercises are a good way to get your dogs to get […] Read more

Training Your Dog

What do I do if my little dog is afraid of almost everyone? Instead of being afraid to meet people, you want your dog to enjoy and happily meet and greet new people. You need to change the way the dog thinks by using positive reinforcement training. It takes 28 days to establish a new […] Read more

Pride and Puppy Raising

It was seeing the joy in guide dog families that led one Santa Clarita couple to get in the game. When Debbie and Tim Ames moved to Sand Canyon in Canyon Country in 2007, they bought a house from Jack and Jacque Butler, longtime volunteers with Guide Dogs of America, or GDA. “We knew this […] Read more

Olate Dogs

by Martha Michael If you’re amazed when people can get their dogs to simply sit, lie down and roll over, you’ve got a treat ahead of you at the College of the Canyons Performing Arts Center. The winning participants from Season 7 of “America’s Got Talent,” the Olate Dogs, will take the stage on May […] Read more

Help! My dog…. Q & A With Dog Trainer Mark Tipton

Q: My dog jumps on everyone. How do I get him to stop? A: Dogs jump to seek attention. Teach your dog something you DO want him to do, instead of an undesired behavior. Substitute the behavior by giving him something to do instead when he greets people. Q: Help! I’m having barking problems with […] Read more

Exercising Etiquette at the Dog Park

By Caroline Squires >>> It seems as though dog owners are on the fence about going to the dog park. For those who venture out to the canine corral, it’s a way to drain their dog’s energy and to keep their dog social with other dogs. However, even with the best intentions, dog owners can […] Read more

Raise the Woof: Guide Dogs of America Puppy Raisers

By Martha Michael >>> There are dog lovers who, literally, work around the clock to raise puppies to be positive role models. No matter where they go, these pups go with them, and they are always training, shaping the little canines to grow up to become extremely responsible. They are Guide Dog Puppy Raisers. Finding […] Read more