Category: Service Animals

All in a Dog’s Life

By Milton Ammel Dogs have long been called “man’s best friend” and rightly so. They have been man’s companion during good times and bad, but they have also been beasts of burden, though it may be difficult to put your pet into this category. Nevertheless, there are several jobs, some of them quite unknown to […] Read more

The Enemy Within

By Laurel van der Linde On Saturday, June 22, 2019 the headline on the front page of the LA Times read “The Final Foe.” It was an extensive article detailing the story of two platoon buddies, veterans of the war in the Middle East, and the difficulties they had returning to civilian life. One struggled […] Read more

Bowling for Dollars to Buy K9 Vests

The public is invited to Vest Our K9’s Bowling Tournament, a fundraiser to purchase protection vests for K9 officers. Singles, doubles or teams of four can sign up to be a part of the event, which is sponsored by In Care of Hope, a nonprofit organization committed to raising money for worthy causes. The bowling […] Read more

Assemblyman Lackey Fights to Protect Guide, Signal and Service Dogs

by Natalia Radcliffe Assemblyman Tom Lackey (R-Palmdale) recently introduced a new bill that would protect all guide, signal or service dogs, whether they are “on duty” or not. Currently, guide dogs that are “on duty” are protected by the state. For example, if a person allows his or her dog to injure or kill a […] Read more

Bug InFetchstation – Pest control company uses bedbug-sniffing dogs

by Martha Michael We’ve seen it in law enforcement – bomb-sniffing and drug-sniffing dogs at airports and other public places to enhance the safety of our citizens. But you may not be aware that those same talents can be applied to safeguard homeowners and residents of convalescent hospitals from unwelcome visitors. That’s why Animal and […] Read more

Local Canine Hero in Competition

Your votes could put 7-year-old “Piglet” from the Antelope Valley on TV. A Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog living in Lancaster and working as a search-and-rescue dog is also a semi-finalist in the 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards. Chosen from a field of 266 candidates with more than half a million votes, Piglet is one […] Read more

Animals on Airplanes

By Sara Kinder >>> Who is that doggie in the window? The one traveling free on an airplane, I mean. There has been recent controversy regarding the practice of people deciding to take “Max” on the plane with them, calling them “service dogs” so they don’t have to pay. Although service dogs, originally called “therapy […] Read more