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Self-Care for Pets 5 ways to show your pets just how much you love them

By Christine Mallier, community relations manager, Petcurean Pet Foods Ltd We all know how important self-care is, from healthy nutrition to getting enough rest. But we can also extend that love to our pets, since they can’t provide their own self-care, for the most part. As pet parents, you value their companionship, and in many […] Read more

Do Your Doody, Pick up After Your Pet!

It’s easy to see that Santa Clarita residents love their pets! The City’s dog parks –Central Bark at Central Park, Canine Country at The Centre, and Five Barks at Golden Valley Park are alive with the City’s four-legged residents. It’s great that we have so many furry friends in the SCV, but if you don’t […] Read more

DogPoweredScooters – the Power of Mush for Everyone

by Martha Michael Have there been times when you wished you could harness your dog’s energy? Thanks to a uniquely-designed vehicle, you can do just that – and actually get somewhere. DogPoweredScooter has a design that enables your furry friends to be the fuel for your travels. Dogs are literally harnessed to the vehicle and […] Read more

Bark for Life

If you’re a supporter of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, then you know it’s a spring fundraiser bringing hope to cancer victims. But you don’t have to wait until May 2, 2020 to partner with others raising money for the cause. Dog lovers can participate in Santa Clarita’s 8th annual Bark For Life […] Read more

Organization Gives Both Canines and Humans a Second Chance at Life

By Natalia Radcliffe “Happiness is a warm puppy,” Charles M. Schulz once said. Nothing can instigate laughter faster than interacting with a lovable ball of fur. Perhaps it is the loving innocence of dogs, or those big expressive eyes looking into your soul that gives them their therapeutic power. Paws For Life K9 Rescue is […] Read more

Bottoms Pups Dog-Friendly Restaurant Patios

by Martha Michael Fast-casual, plant-based restaurant chain Veggie Grill is calling in the dogs. They partnered with leading plant-based dog food company v-dog to launch “Bottoms Pups,” an opportunity for dog owners to dine with their pets on weekends. Customers are invited to bring their dog friends to select restaurant patios around the U.S. on […] Read more

Trained to Protect

by Natalia Radcliffe Ever wonder how dogs gain the skill to realistically “bite” the bad guy in the movies, or work with the police or military? One avenue dogs can take is joining the Protection Sports Association, also known as the PSA. According to the Protection Sports Association website, the organization’s mission is to provide […] Read more

Is My Dog Ready for a Wheelchair?

by Jennifer Pratt Dogs are unable to tell us what hurts or where they hurt, so it’s up to dog parents to stay alert and search for subtle changes in their pet’s behavior, which may indicate there’s an issue. Determining the best way to care for your pet, including when is the best time to […] Read more

Eco-Tails, Organic, Biodegradable Pet Products

by Martha Michael There are few Santa Clarita businesses that can claim a connection to places across the globe, but Eco-Tails, a family-owned company with sustainable, chemical-free pet products, is doing so. Among the company’s new range of eco-friendly products is its flagship Pet Caves, which provide pets a safe, temperature-regulated hideout. The latest merchandise […] Read more