Award-Winning Pet Products

by Martha Michael

When it comes to pet products, there are a lot of options. This year it’s been hard to miss Pure and Natural Pet, a U.S. manufacturer of eco-friendly pet grooming and wellness products.

They’ve been collecting a series of high profile industry awards for their innovative and cruelty-free products. In the past few weeks, they were bestowed with two Pet Business “Industry Recognition Award” wins in the Shampoo & Conditioners category for their Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo and 2-In-1 Grain Free Organic Shampoo & Conditioner. Pet Product News awarded the “Editors’ Choice Award” for their Sweet Orange and Coconut Shed Control Shampoo. And Pet Insight magazine named Pure and Natural Pet winner of the “Category Captains Award” for the Natural Grooming category. Another big win was an international European Lux Award for “Best Organic Pet Wellness & Grooming Products USA.” The specialty lifestyle magazine LUX Life covers more than 170 countries.

At the core of these awards is Pure and Natural Pet’s focus on earth-conscious ingredients. When looking for products for your four-legged family members, it’s important to read the labels, understand the ingredients and know where the product is manufactured. Pure and Natural Pet is transparent with their ingredients by listing all of them on their packaging and website and diving into features and benefits for each of them. It’s one of the many reasons this boutique brand has grown into a recognized leader for organic and all-natural pet products. Pure and Natural Pet specializes in grooming and health and wellness products that appeal to pet owners looking for healthy options.

“My dog had severe allergies. I became fixated on reading ingredients and was disheartened when I couldn’t find the organic products I needed,” said Beth Sommers, president and chief merchandising officer for the company. “That’s when I decided to create Pure and Natural Pet – quality products that are free of dyes, chemicals and toxins and grooming and wellness products that are safe for the whole family and the environment.”

The company believes that shampoo has to do more than just clean your pet. Consequently, Pure and Natural Pet has a variety of task-oriented shampoos that do double duty. Their Sweet Orange and Coconut Shed Control Shampoo is a favorite, receiving five top industry awards. There’s also a Shed Control Conditioner to further manage your pet’s mane by conditioning and loosening the undercoat.

The company’s USDA Certified Organic Itch Relief Shampoo with Neem and Niaouli Oil is created for canines with skin issues. While Neem is well-known for maintaining softness, Niaouli Oil with its natural earthy scent, is not as common.

“We don’t focus on what’s trendy,” Sommers said. “We concentrate on what will work best for the product’s intended purpose. We get excited about lesser-known organic ingredients that provide a multitude of added health benefits to heal the skin and coat. Niaouli is anti-oxidant rich and helps maintain soft skin. It is also a natural disinfectant. It helps heal and reduce infections caused by allergies. It can soothe skin irritations and has extensive moisturizing benefits with less tendency to irritate the skin, making it the perfect ingredient for our USDA Certified Organic Itch Relief Shampoo.”

If you’re looking for time savers, Pure and Natural Pet developed a 2-In-1 Grain Free USDA Certified Organic Shampoo & Conditioner in lavender and mint that’s ideal for pets with allergies. They also have a waterless shampoo that you pump and massage into your pet’s fur when water’s not an option. Their Bath Freshener sprays are available in two scents, lavender and “Fresh Cotton.”

Grooming your pet should include an oral care regimen, as dental disease can cause bad breath, painful infections and high vet bills. Traditional toothpaste for humans is not safe for dogs because it’s often Xylitol based. Pure and Natural Pet has several options for organic dental solutions with three different age-appropriate Dental Kits that come with a sweet potato and cinnamon dental gel. They also carry a clean mint Plaque and Tartar Fighting Gel and an easy to apply Plaque & Tartar Control Breath Spray.

Pure and Natural Pet also carries a variety of wipes for travel and other mobile cleanups.

“All of our wipes are flushable and each has a distinct purpose,” Sommers said. “We have a new gentle, but enzyme busting, Tear Stain Wipe that naturally breaks down the rust-looking tear stains without any residue. Our Natural Flea & Tick Canine Wipe is great for added protection when heading outdoors by easily wiping under the collar, between the toes, under the eyes, under the legs and other key areas. We also have large 5-inch by 7-inch Grooming & Cleansing Wipes in a soothing green tea scent and relaxing lavender scent for quick cleanups.”

To round out grooming, they carry an organic ear wash, and their Ear Cleansing System includes a Mullein-based serum to clean and deodorize and medical grade, dual-sided Cleansing Tips to clean tight crevices for both small and large breeds. When used properly, they won’t damage the inner ear canal.

Pure and Natural Pet also carries several different USDA Certified Organic wellness balms for healing sensitive paws damaged by rough terrain or the elements, dry and delicate noses that need healing, or protection from the sun as well as an overall Organic Healing Aid for cuts and abrasions.

Pure and Natural Pet
Philanthropy Programs

A cruelty-free, earth-conscious brand that works hard to create positive change in animal welfare,
Pure and Natural Pet is also involved in various philanthropy programs while also seeking
legislative support for organic farming and animal safety.
Pure and Natural Pet sponsors the service dog program at Paws for Life K9 Rescue. Within this unique program canines, including bully-breeds, are pulled from high-kill shelters. These hand-picked dogs are then sheltered and trained by inmates in maximum state prisons for up to a year. Upon graduation, the dogs have mastered more than 70 commands and are each gifted to a U.S. veteran or first-responder who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The program is saving lives and was officially recognized by California legislators and recently featured on the PBS show “Shelter Me.”
Pure and Natural Pet also supports sustainability with One Tree Planted. The purchase of specific eco-friendly products funds the planting of trees and aids in reforestation efforts both in the USA and globally. 

Recently, Pure and Natural Pet added a Youth Brand Ambassador Program. This program supports kids ages 6-17 that are doing work that focuses on animal wellness and rescue in the USA.

“We’ve met some incredible kids that have truly inspired us and we’re proud to have aided their pet-based projects,” said Julie Creed, vice president of sales and marketing. “This program allows us to further support their work in animal wellness and rescue efforts and make a difference in a much bigger way. We’re big believers that kindness and empathy towards animals is vital, and that compassionate children who care for animals become adults who are life-long advocates for animals.”  
To get involved or read more about the philanthropy efforts at Pure and Natural Pet,