There’s Comic-Con, Cookie Con and Gen Con, but August 4-5, 2018, Pasadena is host to “a convention with cattitude”: CatCon. If you can’t get enough of cat culture, you can be surrounded by thousands of cat lovers gathering for conversation, while vendors bring you merchandise options – plus cat rescue opportunities in the CatCon Adoption […] Read more

Roaring Good Time with Wild Cats

As the year purrs on, so do the opportunities to support the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. Every summer, those who love wild cats can take part in a special Twilight Tour of the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound’s Conservation Center in Rosamond. More than 70 felines live at the center, representing 19 species, including: tiger, […] Read more

Top 5 Remedies for 4th of July Nerves

As we near the most dreaded holiday of the year for a dog (July 4th), there are many remedies we can choose to assist our best friend with stress and anxiety. Before we think of getting a sedative from the vet, reconsider these natural alternatives. In this article you will find my top 5 favorite […] Read more

New Veterinarian – Meet Sarah Marino

Patients at Santa Clarita Animal Hospital are now receiving more comprehensive care, thanks to a new member of the team: Sarah Marino, DVM. In early June she became a part of the Newhall area practice, where Dr. Marino found a great opportunity to continue her passion for general veterinary medicine. “For me, it’s really about […] Read more

Let’s Hear it! From The Furry Smuddes

When the newest members of the Smudde family – 8-week-old kitten “Licky” and 8-month-old Labrador “Bear” – moved in, the level of fun-loving frenzy doubled. Now a home with a mom, dad, two daughters and four pets, everyone gets to play a part in the household drama. Bear: Now about 8 months old, I’ve spent […] Read more

Training Your Dog

What do I do if my little dog is afraid of almost everyone? Instead of being afraid to meet people, you want your dog to enjoy and happily meet and greet new people. You need to change the way the dog thinks by using positive reinforcement training. It takes 28 days to establish a new […] Read more

Pride and Puppy Raising

It was seeing the joy in guide dog families that led one Santa Clarita couple to get in the game. When Debbie and Tim Ames moved to Sand Canyon in Canyon Country in 2007, they bought a house from Jack and Jacque Butler, longtime volunteers with Guide Dogs of America, or GDA. “We knew this […] Read more

Fly – Away!

By Laurel van der Linde The rainy season is over. The temperature signals it’s time to get back in the saddle. But, ideal as this climate is, with the warmer temperatures comes – flies.Less than aesthetic, these pests are the bane of every horse and horseman. For a creature that has a longevity factor of […] Read more

Horse Rescue in Canyon Country

by Martha Michael  In the part of Canyon Country known as Sand Canyon there’s a place some would call “Horse Heaven.” It’s a place where racehorses go to relax, retire and, in some cases, rehabilitate. CJ Marinaccio is the founder of Win, Place, Home, Inc., which she launched after working at a racetrack in the […] Read more