Beloved Pets’ Legacies Live On Through the Canvas

by Natalia Radcliffe Erica Eriksdotter is a self-taught, third-generation fine artist whose life purpose is to create meaningful, personal art that connects with her clients. Many of her commissions are of beloved pets, memorialized through her realistic portrayal of the animals. “I paint not just the image of the pet, I paint the spirit,” she […] Read more

Bark for Life

If you’re a supporter of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, then you know it’s a spring fundraiser bringing hope to cancer victims. But you don’t have to wait until May 2, 2020 to partner with others raising money for the cause. Dog lovers can participate in Santa Clarita’s 8th annual Bark For Life […] Read more

Organization Gives Both Canines and Humans a Second Chance at Life

By Natalia Radcliffe “Happiness is a warm puppy,” Charles M. Schulz once said. Nothing can instigate laughter faster than interacting with a lovable ball of fur. Perhaps it is the loving innocence of dogs, or those big expressive eyes looking into your soul that gives them their therapeutic power. Paws For Life K9 Rescue is […] Read more

Delilah and Others Like Her

Most people would say that the worst day in the cycle of pet ownership is the day their furry friend dies. A book published in the spring seeks to comfort individuals in the process of grieving the loss of their animals. “Delilah and Others Like Her” was penned by Trish Titus after the death of […] Read more

Bottoms Pups Dog-Friendly Restaurant Patios

by Martha Michael Fast-casual, plant-based restaurant chain Veggie Grill is calling in the dogs. They partnered with leading plant-based dog food company v-dog to launch “Bottoms Pups,” an opportunity for dog owners to dine with their pets on weekends. Customers are invited to bring their dog friends to select restaurant patios around the U.S. on […] Read more

A Gentle Thanksgiving 2019

While most Americans are sitting at tables eating typical Thanksgiving fare later this month, The Gentle Barn will be celebrating the life of turkeys and enjoying a field-to-table menu. This year marks the 20th year of A Gentle Thanksgiving, an event where animals are the main attraction, not the main course. Tickets are available for […] Read more

Guide Dogs TRAIN at Metrolink

by Martha Michael Special canines in training from local Guide Dogs of America shared their work with Metrolink riders last month. As part of October’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month, there was a puppy pop-up event at Union Station. Guide dogs in training were brought to the depot to demonstrate the comprehensive skills these specialized […] Read more

Trained to Protect

by Natalia Radcliffe Ever wonder how dogs gain the skill to realistically “bite” the bad guy in the movies, or work with the police or military? One avenue dogs can take is joining the Protection Sports Association, also known as the PSA. According to the Protection Sports Association website, the organization’s mission is to provide […] Read more

The Enemy Within

By Laurel van der Linde On Saturday, June 22, 2019 the headline on the front page of the LA Times read “The Final Foe.” It was an extensive article detailing the story of two platoon buddies, veterans of the war in the Middle East, and the difficulties they had returning to civilian life. One struggled […] Read more