Vinyl Fencing vs. Wood

by Martha Michael If your dogs are escape artists that manage to find their way out of the yard on a regular basis, it may be that you need more durable fencing material. Vinyl has features that minimize the chance of weather-related degradation and, therefore, maintain a durable structure to fortify the barrier that pet […] Read more

Petfluencers Make Your Pet InstaFamous

by Martha Michael Selfies aren’t the only attention-getting photos on Instagram. Animal owners love to post pictures of their pets and they seem to be eclipsing the popularity of human accounts, according to an article in Forbes Magazine. You may not be showing off Fido for marketing purposes, but some people are, and with success. […] Read more

Do Your Doody, Pick up After Your Pet!

It’s easy to see that Santa Clarita residents love their pets! The City’s dog parks –Central Bark at Central Park, Canine Country at The Centre, and Five Barks at Golden Valley Park are alive with the City’s four-legged residents. It’s great that we have so many furry friends in the SCV, but if you don’t […] Read more

Pet Insurance

A company in the Pacific Northwest covers more than 500,000 pets with medical insurance policies to support the expenses that occur throughout their lives. Trupanion processed more than 1 million veterinary invoices by the end of 2019. Established nearly 20 years ago, the company processes about 80,000 claims per month and has paid almost $1 […] Read more

DogPoweredScooters – the Power of Mush for Everyone

by Martha Michael Have there been times when you wished you could harness your dog’s energy? Thanks to a uniquely-designed vehicle, you can do just that – and actually get somewhere. DogPoweredScooter has a design that enables your furry friends to be the fuel for your travels. Dogs are literally harnessed to the vehicle and […] Read more

All in a Dog’s Life

By Milton Ammel Dogs have long been called “man’s best friend” and rightly so. They have been man’s companion during good times and bad, but they have also been beasts of burden, though it may be difficult to put your pet into this category. Nevertheless, there are several jobs, some of them quite unknown to […] Read more

Horse Therapy Moves to Castaic

By Martha Michael Kids, teens and young adults who need a little extra help, motivation or emotional support can still turn to the horses of SRD Straightening Reins. But instead of heading to a ranch in Canyon Country they are getting the help they need in Castaic. SRD specializes in equine-assisted and interactive therapies designed to […] Read more

Husky Haven of LA – A Founder’s Personal Story

by Rhonda Hallden Many years ago, I found myself at what is now the SEAACA animal shelter in Downey in hopes they had my lost red Siberian husky. They had a dog that was almost the spitting image of my girl. Her name was “Liberty,” found in a drainage ditch – ghastly thin and not […] Read more