Kitty Kasas – More Comfort for Cats ‘Shark Tank’ winner pays it forward

by Natalia Radcliffe Everyone needs a safe, clean place for both rest and recreation – even your cat. A company called Kitty Kasas builds felines forever homes that are virtually indestructible and offer a lifetime guarantee. The Kitty Kasas Bedroom is an approximately 15-inch x 15-inch x 12-inch cube that snaps together to create a […] Read more

Award-Winning Pet Products

by Martha Michael When it comes to pet products, there are a lot of options. This year it’s been hard to miss Pure and Natural Pet, a U.S. manufacturer of eco-friendly pet grooming and wellness products. They’ve been collecting a series of high profile industry awards for their innovative and cruelty-free products. In the past […] Read more

Self-Care for Pets 5 ways to show your pets just how much you love them

By Christine Mallier, community relations manager, Petcurean Pet Foods Ltd We all know how important self-care is, from healthy nutrition to getting enough rest. But we can also extend that love to our pets, since they can’t provide their own self-care, for the most part. As pet parents, you value their companionship, and in many […] Read more

Fired Up for Aussie Animals

by Martha Michael The months of recent wildfires in Australia destroyed an estimated one billion animals. Citizens of the world watched news reports in horror, paralyzed by feelings of powerlessness. Many donated money but wished there was another form of assistance they could offer. Some local residents did more than stand by and watch the […] Read more

Quail Run Ostrich Ranch Reopens

The longtime local animal preserve Quail Run has reopened after a year under a county-wide quarantine. Now you are able once again to take the entertaining and educational tours at the Lake Hughes area ostrich ranch, which closed last year due to the Newcastle Disease quarantine. An event venue and destination for families, Quail Run […] Read more

Apex Protection Project

by Martha Michael You might say it was the call of the wild that led Steve Wastell and Paula Ficara to devote their lives to the rescue of wolves and wolfdogs. More than a decade ago, they were a normal married couple, both working and living in the San Fernando Valley. But when Ficara created […] Read more

Vinyl Fencing vs. Wood

by Martha Michael If your dogs are escape artists that manage to find their way out of the yard on a regular basis, it may be that you need more durable fencing material. Vinyl has features that minimize the chance of weather-related degradation and, therefore, maintain a durable structure to fortify the barrier that pet […] Read more

Petfluencers Make Your Pet InstaFamous

by Martha Michael Selfies aren’t the only attention-getting photos on Instagram. Animal owners love to post pictures of their pets and they seem to be eclipsing the popularity of human accounts, according to an article in Forbes Magazine. You may not be showing off Fido for marketing purposes, but some people are, and with success. […] Read more

Do Your Doody, Pick up After Your Pet!

It’s easy to see that Santa Clarita residents love their pets! The City’s dog parks –Central Bark at Central Park, Canine Country at The Centre, and Five Barks at Golden Valley Park are alive with the City’s four-legged residents. It’s great that we have so many furry friends in the SCV, but if you don’t […] Read more