Meet the kitties from our rescue partner, Furever Purr Rescue. Click the photo to go their listing on Adopt-A-Pet, where you can see more pictures!


After living with her original family for four years, this sweetie was dumped at a HIGH KILL Shelter after a new family member moved in that didn’t want to be around cats. When a rescuer saw her at the shelter and saw how sweet she was, the plan was to nd her a home. Unfortunately, Paris does not like other kitties so it was hard to nd the right home for her, and when the rescuer herself had a change of living situation, Paris found herself back at the same HIGH KILL Shelter waiting for whatever was to come next. Paris is now safe and in a foster home that will love her until she nds that purrfect family that doesn’t have any other kitties and can give her the love she deserves. She does really well with people of all ages and she lights up when kids come to visit with her at adoption events. She’s playful, full of energy and she is always purring and ready to show you love. This very special and patient girl deserves an amazing family to call her own. IS IT YOU?


Odin was relinquished to a Los Angeles County shelter without a name and was getting sicker by the day. While recovering his health in a foster home he slowly started coming out of his shell! He is a perfect gentleman with his litter box and enjoys wet and dry food. At sixteen years old Odin doesn’t need a lot of cat toys or a cat condo – he is content lying on a pillow or cat bed and especially loves soaking up the Santa Clarita sun. He ‘wags’ his tail and stands perfectly still while being petted – he has even learned to love getting ‘booped’ on the nose! Odin is curious about his dog and cat housemates, and would adjust to a home with animals that are already cat-friendly, but he would also enjoy being an only pet so he can dote on and love his human family.


Sadie is a spit re! She’s got personality times 10 and she will most certainly keep you entertained. She loves her sunny spot at the top of her 6-foot cat tree, but she will always make time for her adult human friends if there is petting and LAP TIME involved.Her foster mom has recently discovered that she doesn’t like to play with toys by herself; that’s something that she enjoys with her human friends. A laser toy or feather toy are her favorites, or even a feather on the end of a string are great ways for her to exercise. She’s also up for a game of peek-a-boo from atop her condo where she can look down on her silly humans. Sadie was not treated very well by the small children in her previous home; they were allowed to pull on her tail and even chase her around the house so she has decided that she does not care for small children at all. She would love an adult home where she will be treated like a QUEEN and can spend quiet time on someone’s LAP. Growing up as an ONLY KITTY and never having another kitty friend, she does not care for other cats, not even a little bit, so she would need to be an only kitty in her new home.


Buddy was adopted as a FLUFFY little kitten and he lived with his Dad for six years until the new girlfriend moved in. Sadly, they didn’t hit it off and she didn’t see the need to share her boyfriend with a “CAT,” so he got the boot. Even with his world turned upside down this boy couldn’t be sweeter, more trusting, loving and desiring attention. He’s used to sleeping with his dad and spending a lot of one-on-one time with his human. He loves to talk and tell you what’s on his mind and that’s especially true when it’s treat time or after you’ve been gone at work. He is in a foster home with other kitties and seems to enjoy the company of the cute little girl named Princess. He would also do great as an only kitty since he lived as an “only child” for the past six years and enjoyed being the king of his castle. He’s been around children, and even dogs, while with his original family and seemed to enjoy their company as well.


Biggie was rescued from the Lancaster shelter last month…he can’t wait to find a home of his own. This BIG boy is a sweetheart and has perfect snowshoes. His markings are fantastic. He is tall and very curious. He is such a special interactive guy and needs that special someone to give him a place to call home. Biggie enjoys other felines, but prefers to be alpha so he wouldn’t mind being an only cat and hogging all of your attention! Biggie is in foster and is boarded locally in SCV. He is up to date on his shots, microchipped, neutered and negative for FeLV/FIV.


Have you heard the rumors about FEMALE Orange Tabbies? Well, they say that we are a bit rare or uncommon. Statistically speaking, only 20 percent of orange kitties are female, which means I’m “SPECIAL.” Some people say that we “Ginger Girls” are a bit DIVAESQUE too. Well, I’m here to set the record straight, at least where I’m concerned. I am only a bit of a DIVA when it comes to other kitties and I really do try to get along with other cats as long as they know I’m the boss. Of course, when you’re as rare as I am (hahahaha) I’ve earned the right to want all the attention to myself. I would love the chance to have a family to call my own and to soak up all of the attention. I have been known to take awhile to warm up to new people, but even while I’m getting to know you, I’ll rub up against things, arch my back and PURR ON. When I get to know you, I’d love to sit in your lap while you’re watching TV or I can even help when you have of ce work to do. I’m good at typing emails, although I’ve been told they don’t always make sense to humans, and I’m very good at holding down papers and keeping them from falling of the desk. When the other furry fosters are sleeping, I love to run up/down the hall and chase things that might or might not be there. I also love to chase my many toys and even the laser pointer toy.