Month: March 2019

Training Your Dog

by Mark Tipton Q: What if your dog is digging or otherwise destroying the yard? A: You need to give your dog a job to do if your dog doesn’t already have one. Otherwise, they are “self-employed” and will act as your gardener. Teach your dog the “find it” game. Give your dog a frozen […] Read more

Spring Fever

By Laurel van der Linde It has been a long, hard winter. When compared to the extreme sub-zero temperatures in the Midwest and on the East Coast, those of us in SoCal have no reasonable argument to complain. But, complain we will when given the (seemingly) inordinate amount of rain and the resulting mud and […] Read more

The Story of Sadie

Sadie was found in the mountains of Kentucky with a bullet between her eyes and a bullet and shrapnel in her back, put there after she had yet another litter of puppies. Kind people found her and took her to a veterinarian, and through a series of events, Sadie was transported to a no-kill shelter […] Read more

Bowling for Dollars to Buy K9 Vests

The public is invited to Vest Our K9’s Bowling Tournament, a fundraiser to purchase protection vests for K9 officers. Singles, doubles or teams of four can sign up to be a part of the event, which is sponsored by In Care of Hope, a nonprofit organization committed to raising money for worthy causes. The bowling […] Read more