Month: November 2016

Canines in Combat: Dogs Serving in the Military

By Martha Michael >>> Does your Yorkie have what it takes to be a war dog? She sure does, says Lynn M. Hayner in an article posted by The United States War Dogs Association, Inc., a non-profit group promoting the work of military service dogs. The support provided by canines for U.S. troops is so […] Read more

4th Annual Pet Food Collection For SCV Food Pantry and Senior Center

By Evelyn Vega, DVM, CCRT >>>   For the month of December, Happy Pets Veterinary Center will collect food, treats, toys and cat litter for pets of low-income families, senior citizens and the homeless of SCV. What inspired me to do this was when, five years ago, I was driving through West Los Angeles, and […] Read more

Pet Peeves from the Rescue Perspective

There are areas where cats can live indoor/outdoor and have a long healthy life. Santa Clarita is not one of those places. Almost daily I encounter people who claim they are unable to keep their cat indoors. Because the cat is insistent on going outdoors, it’s a given – and the cat is allowed outdoors. […] Read more

Traveling With a Pet: A Few Tips to Help You Along

Imagine you are going on a major vacation. You need to make sure you get to the airport early, go through invasive security, then get to the gate, only to be crammed onto an airplane that, as time goes on, seems to provide less and less room for its passengers. Now, imagine doing all that […] Read more

Ho Ho Hold the Table Scraps!

By Martha Michael >>> With all the tasty holiday food and the time spent at the dinner table with family members, it can be tempting to give Rex and Lucy scraps and snacks, but it’s not a good Christmas tradition, according to experts. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pets, or the […] Read more

Essential Oils For Our Pets

By Jeanette Lee Yamamoto, DVM >>> As you may or may not have heard, essential oil usage is becoming very popular in today’s modern world, though they have historically been utilized for all types of ailments for thousands of years. Essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, […] Read more