Month: July 2016

The Growing Attraction of Pet Llamas

By Martha Michael Though they’re soft, quiet and look at you with doe-eyed innocence, llamas will fight their enemies tooth and nail – literally. Because of this tendency, ranchers are using them in increasing numbers to act as sentries for their flocks. They are commonly thought of as the charming pack animals from the Andes […] Read more

Family-Friendly Pets: Age Appropriate Animal Ownership

By Martha Michael >>> Remember when you brought your baby home from the hospital for the first time? You were careful when you picked her up gingerly and cuddled with her, careful to see to her every need. Pets are the same way. They need the care and tenderness human babies need – someone to […] Read more

The Underserved Blemish on Black Cats

According to rescue centers, black cats are undeniably the least likely to be adopted. Regardless of whether the cat is an adult or a kitten, black felines are often left for months – if not years – in shelters. Professionals aren’t sure why, but they’ve got a few ideas. The first is simply that a […] Read more

Exit Stage Left: Shining the Spotlight on Shelter Animals

By Larissa Barnes >>> More and more, people are starting to reevaluate the prejudices associated with shelter animals. Mangy, mutt, unwanted, ill, aggressive, old. Thankfully, those images are becoming a thing of the past, as shelter workers strive to change perceptions and shine the light on homeless or abandoned pets. Animal advocates relish the opportunity […] Read more

Heartworm Disease: Do We Need To Worry for our Pets?

By Jaimie Ronchetto, DVM >>> If you have a dog, you most likely have heard of heartworm disease. If you have always had a dog living in Southern California, you may have been told in the past that we don’t have the disease here. However, in more recent years we are starting to see outbreaks […] Read more