Month: May 2016

Size Matters — Smaller Pets Need Bigger Supervision

By Martha Michael >>> It’s simple math: the higher the number of wild animals in the neighborhood, the fewer the number of small pets that survive. But if you’re a small animal lover, the only equation you care about is one and one: you + your pet. We work so hard to protect our pets […] Read more

Nothing Is Certain But Death, Taxes and … Pets

By Larissa Barnes >>> As tax season comes to a close, most of us are entertaining a small degree of financial planning, even if it is as pure and simple as wanting to pay fewer taxes next year. For some of us it prompts the chance to review our financial objectives and consider what plans […] Read more

Veterinary Cardiologists: Specialists with a Heart for Healing

By Martha Michael >>> Imagine the excitement of bringing your new baby home. You cuddle with her in your bed, bond with her during feedings, and parade her in front of friends while you gush about her deep set eyes and tiny nose. But at her first well-check you get bad news. Her heartbeat is […] Read more

Your Pet Can Get Stressed Too

Stress is a virtually unavoidable part of human existence. No matter the lengths to which one will go to do so, external factors will inevitably crop up now and again that stress us out. Cats, like humans, can also get stressed out. Unfortunately, there are some pretty common behaviors out there that many pet owners […] Read more

Is Adoption for You?

By Bridget Alves >>> We’ve all seen those commercials where they show the sad-looking kittens and puppies juxtaposed with horrifying facts about animal abuse, and we’ve all had the feeling we’d like to save some of these precious creatures by adopting one. For some of us, that feeling fades as soon as the next commercial […] Read more