Santa Clarita is lucky enough to have a celebrity dog trainer in the community. Cesar Millan is partnering with Happy Again Pet to promote collagen supplements for joint health.

Speaking of edibles, one of our articles talks about the importance of checking the labels on your dog’s food. You will learn some facts about grain-free dog food and organic products, and get some advice for future decisions about your family pet.

There’s a new e-book entitled “Coati Kingdom” by a sci-fi writer and retired filmmaker who lives in Belize and operates a wildlife sanctuary. Turn the pages to find out a little bit of his personal story and take a look at his new book.

Send us photos of your furry friends and family members – especially if you have holiday pictures. We’d love to put them in our November-December issue of Pet Me! Magazine!

Martha Michael, Doug and Jeannie Sutton





We recently did a DNA swab on this guy, and found out his mix is pit bull/boxer.

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