As long as there are animal lovers there will be new, ingenious ways to make pets more comfortable. That’s what we’re bringing you in this month’s issue of Pet Me! Magazine.

Kamila Sedek of Santa Clarita is one of those animal advocates who has tapped into the quality of Nepalese artisans to provide beds and toys for cats and other pets with her new company – Eco-Tails. Her products are safe, natural and biodegradable.

Saffyre Sanctuary in Sylmar is saving horses which have been abandoned, neglected or abused. They provide them with an option to begin a new “career,” or take care of them in retirement. The rescue group helps homeless horses of all breeds, but Arabians in particular.

Also, seasoned equestrian Laurel van der Linde teaches you how to stretch your horse and prepare him/her for a great ride. It’s a kind of tutorial with photos, so you can begin implementing the process today.

You will also hear from experts – dog trainer Mark Tipton and a pest control company with specially-trained canines who are bedbug-sniffing dogs.

Let us know your favorite animal stories. And we’ll see you in March!

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