The holidays are typically a great experience with our pets, whether they’re rambunctious pups or docile lap cats. For individuals who have lost a pet this year, there are likely to be people creating custom gifts in their memory. We have an article about artist Erica Eriksdotter who paints portraits of her clients’ animals so they can enjoy their images forever.

A lot of animal lovers are vegans, and local rescue The Gentle Barn hosts an annual event to celebrate the lives of animals, big and small. You can read about A Gentle Thanksgiving in this month’s issue and perhaps you can join them for dinner this year!

Twelve months a year, kind-hearted individuals are giving to both humans and animals through various programs. Turn the pages to read about Bark For Life, which raises money for cancer research, and Paws for Life K9 Rescue prison program, enabling inmates to interface with and train shelter dogs.

Have a warm, wonderful holiday season!

Martha Michael, Doug and Jeannie Sutton





Rodger, a beloved family pet in the Michael household, was furry enough to be warm but looked handsome in his holiday coa

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