Pet Me! Magazine – May/June 2018

Welcome to the May/June issue of Pet Me! Magazine. This month combines horses, dogs, cats, birds, wild animals and rattlesnakes! You’ll meet a local non-profit racehorse rescue, learn about pet allergies, look in on kids reading to service dogs, and find out what items in your house may be hazardous to your cat, just to name a few stories! Also there’s the opportunity to help a local family through a horse riding fundraiser.

Inside this issue you’ll find dogs from several local rescues available for YOU to adopt as well!

You’ll also find a handy directory at the back of the magazine for all things pets. While the articles bring you useful information, our advertisers bring you products and services for all things PETS as well! We hope you’ll continue to seek out Pet Me! Magazine, which is currently published six times per year.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy our May/June issue.

Publishers, Doug and Jeannie Sutton and


Publishers Doug and Jeannie Sutton’s dogs, L-R:
Gracie, Buddy and Bane,
who aren’t allowed on the furniture…




Managing Editor
Martha Michael
at left, with her daughter’s cockatiels

Pet Me! Magazine
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