If you haven’t been to Animal Tracks in Agua Dulce, you’re missing the opportunity to see wild animals up close and personal. The amount of engagement you get with their residents is pretty unusual, plus you learn a lot about our furry and not-so-furry neighbors.

This month’s issue of Pet Me! Magazine focuses on the playful. A successful company that began in a shelter got some help from “Shark Tank” to design sturdy beds and recreation cubes for cats, but it’s resulted in big support for cats in shelters nationwide.

We even have a story about the latest toy playground featuring LEGO hamsters, which is perfect if your kids can’t have live pets.

There are two equine articles – one addressing the advent of springtime riding and another about horse therapy.

You will learn about a senior dog sanctuary and the healing power of dog therapy.
Send us your pet pictures and let us know if you have any animal stories you’d like us to cover!


Publishers Doug and Jeannie’s three rescue pups




Martha befriends “Chrissy” at Animal Tracks rescue

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