Wise Tails – A Senior Dog Sanctuary

Wise Tails – A Senior Dog Sanctuary is a “forever home” for mature or elderly dogs that are rescued from situations where they have been neglected, abused or are facing euthanasia at kill shelters. Located in Simi Valley, Wise Tails works to provide these dogs with love, care and all the medical services they need.

Launched a year ago, on March 12, 2018, the facility is operated by various volunteers and a number of full-time staff, including a few family members of founder, Ted Shumway. Initially, like the majority of dog rescues, the goal was to be a place where care and services were provided while searching for families who are ready and willing to take on the responsibility of adopting a senior dog. However, it became clear in short order that rather than uproot the residents again and transition them to another home at their old age, the Wise Tails sanctuary would become their forever home.
They love living in the community setting provided at Wise Tails, where they have friends – both canine and human. Their transformations from sick, scared (and sometimes filthy) to happy and healthy seniors is a testament to that, and a gift to all who are involved in the organization and beyond.

Wise Tails promotes a “one day at a time” approach to life, careful to apply that attitude to the care of all residents. The goal is to make each day the best day possible for each and every one of these mature dogs.

New members often arrive at Wise Tails with a spectrum of health and medical issues, many requiring surgery. Some dogs join the family with a guarded or poor prognosis for a long lifespan, but no matter how many days, weeks or years a dog has left, they deserve to live surrounded by love and the best of care. If one of the Wise Tails residents passes away while in the care of the facility, one can be confident that he or she left this world with dignity and grace, knowing what it is to feel unconditional love.

Upon arrival, all newcomers receive an initial wellness exam from the medical team at Valley Vet in Simi Valley. Based on the exam results, animals are treated for any and all conditions they are living with or suffering from and these dogs are nursed back to good health. The mission is to promote health and happiness for every dog in the sanctuary, which means anything from providing daily medications to spoon feeding them, and everything in between.

For residents that require an even greater level of care, there is the Wise Tails Special Needs House, or SNH. It is an extension of Wise Tails, located on the same property, where the nonprofit organization provides necessary care and services for the most fragile and special case residents.

Those that are non-ambulatory, blind, have dementia or illnesses that require specific treatment and attention are all candidates for living in the SNH. These dogs receive the same level of TLC that all the rest of their Wise Tails peers receive on a daily basis. The love they receive is always reciprocated 10-fold.

Ted Shumway is the founder and president of Wise Tails. He welcomes the opportunity to share his story and show appreciation to the community in Southern California and across the country through social media. Read more about the senior sanctuary at WiseTails.org.