Traveling With a Pet: A Few Tips to Help You Along

Imagine you are going on a major vacation. You need to make sure you get to the airport early, go through invasive security, then get to the gate, only to be crammed onto an airplane that, as time goes on, seems to provide less and less room for its passengers. Now, imagine doing all that with a pet in tow.

Are you stressed out yet?!

If you’re headed on holiday with “Harley,” fasten your seatbelt, because it may be a rough ride. For your best odds, PLAN AHEAD.

Here are a few tips to consider if you plan to travel with your animal:

  • Carefully choose your timing. Some airlines won’t allow pets to travel if the temperature outside is too hot or too cold. Additionally, traveling during busy periods, like holidays, can make things rough. Not only will the airports be full of people, but the staff will likely be overwhelmed and find it difficult, if not impossible, to assist you, should you require it.
  • Make sure to tell the airline ahead of time. Only a certain number of pets can be taken onboard or travel in the cargo hold at once, and if you don’t make sure you reserve a place for your pet, Fido may not be able to travel with you.
  • Don’t forget their papers! If your globetrotting with “Gracie” includes leaving the country, or if you plan to have her fly in the cargo hold, you will need a certificate from your vet that details the pet’s health and vaccinations.
  • Check with your vet about medications. Sometimes, sedatives and anti-nausea medications can be a wise option for traveling with pets. Asking the vet which medications, if any, as well as the proper dosage and procedures, can help keep crazy “Coco” calm and cool during travel.
Ultimately, the level of ease or difficulty you encounter when traveling with your pet will be determined by how well you’re prepared. Just like when you travel alone, do as much as you can beforehand so that when the time to travel comes, it will go as smoothly as possible.
Whether it’s an excursion by car or around the world in 80 days, bringing your best furry friend along for the ride means navigating more complicated waters. But, don’t worry – people fly with “Fifi” successfully every day.