Training Your Dog

What do I do if my little dog is afraid of almost everyone?

Instead of being afraid to meet people, you want your dog to enjoy and happily meet and greet new people. You need to change the way the dog thinks by using positive reinforcement training. It takes 28 days to establish a new habit, and two to six months for it to become a reliable behavior. It’s best to work with a positive reinforcement trainer to show you how to do this.

Do all dogs need formal training?

ALL dogs should have at least basic training so that you and your dog can communicate well. It’s really up to you, and an individual choice whether you’d like your dog educated at elementary, middle, high school or college level.

What are the biggest challenges you face in dog training?

Dog training is really people training. The dog is the easy part! A positive reinforcement trainer can teach you how to be consistent with body language, timing, hand signs, and verbal cues.

I always recommend you hire a professional positive reinforcement trainer to help you.

Mark Tipton, CPDT-KA, is the owner of Angel Dogs Training.
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