Top 5 Remedies for 4th of July Nerves

As we near the most dreaded holiday of the year for a dog (July 4th), there are many remedies we can choose to assist our best friend with stress and anxiety. Before we think of getting a sedative from the vet, reconsider these natural alternatives. In this article you will find my top 5 favorite products for helping our pets deal with stress.

  1. CBD: This medicinal remedy is great for dogs and cats. It is derived from hemp – and no, it does not make your dog high. It helps reduce anxiety by activating receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Once the receptors are activated, the body can easily help regulate the anxiety levels. It is best given on an empty stomach one to two hours before an event that can potentially cause your animal stress. CBD can come in an oil form, capsules, treats, and balms. Some great brands to look into are Pet Relief, Canna Companion, VetCBD, Select PETS, and Pur CBD.
  2. Animal Essentials Tranquility: This is a blend of herbal and floral extracts to promote calmness and wellbeing. It does not make your pet lethargic, just better equipped to calmly handle the stressful situation he or she faces. They can receive it orally, in their water, or with food.
  3. Richard’s Organics Pet Calm: This product is very similar to the Animal Essentials Tranquility in that it uses herb and floral remedies, but unlike the other product, Pet Calm can actually make your pet sleepy and lethargic. This could definitely be extremely beneficial if your pet does not do well with fireworks at all.
  4. Thundershirt: A piece of clothing for your dog, this is a shirt/vest designed to hug and apply pressure to relieve stress and anxiety. The pressure is gentle, but secure, which is a feeling that dogs find to be calming.
  5. Adaptil: A plug-in diffuser used to calm your pets within your home, Adaptil covers about 700 square feet. It diffuses a mimicked version of the pheromone DAP, which is the chemical released by a puppy’s mother within the first 3-5 days after giving birth. This is why it brings a calming sensation to your pets. One thing to be careful about is that if you have birds, this can cause respiratory issues. It is recommended to use it in another room.

    Have a safe and anxiety-free Fourth of July! If you need help finding any of these products, check out your local pet store and support your local community.