‘Tis the Season for Allergies

By Victoria Rubay

Throughout the years, and backed by recent studies, research has shown that many dogs have allergies. Some local veterinarians claim that the majority of their canine patients are suffering from allergy symptoms.

Two of the most common and surprising allergies are potatoes and chicken. These two foods often carry yeast, which is a common cause of itching, and that leads to skin irritation, pink, paws and a smell that’s similar to a tortilla chip.

If you notice any of these symptoms with your dog, there are ways to figure out the allergies yourself, saving you the time and expense of a vet visit. One of the ways to address it is to introduce pork into your dog’s diet. Pork is neutral meat, and the majority of dogs are not allergic to it. But give it some time – it usually takes about two weeks to see results.

Some brands that are known for being both free of potatoes and chicken include:
Zignature – kibble
Primal – freeze dried raw or frozen raw
Nutri Source – kibble
Stella & Chewy’s – freeze dried raw or frozen raw
Ziwi Peak – air-dried
Canine Caviar – kibble

It is a great idea to check with your local pet store to see if they have these foods. The sales associates would be glad to help explain the benefits of each type and brand.

Local pet stores that have very helpful and useful information include:
Kriser’s Natural Pet – Valencia
Bouquet Canyon Pet Supply – Saugus
Pet Stop – Canyon Country
Protein for Pets – Valencia
Canyon Pet Center – Canyon Country