The Story of Sadie

Sadie was found in the mountains of Kentucky with a bullet between her eyes and a bullet and shrapnel in her back, put there after she had yet another litter of puppies. Kind people found her and took her to a veterinarian, and through a series of events, Sadie was transported to a no-kill shelter in Wisconsin.

Joal Derse Dauer was dropping off donated blankets at the shelter and as she was leaving, she saw Sadie and asked about her story, the details of which were heartbreaking. She thought the dog was beautiful, but had no intention of adopting another animal, because she already had three at home. But she did ask if she could take Sadie to a vet in the area and she was told that she could, as long as she paid for it.
The first veterinarian confirmed the existence of the bullet wounds and told Dauer to get a cart for Sadie. The next vets told her that because Sadie was incontinent, plus the fact that Sadie couldn’t walk, “do the kind thing.” But Dauer saw something in Sadie’s eyes that told her differently, so instead she took her home for the night.

The next day, a holistic vet told Dauer that Sadie deserved a chance to live … which is where her story begins.

Now readers in 60 countries and across the United States have the opportunity to know this special dog through Dauer’s children’s book, “Sadie and the Superstars.” The book teaches individuals to think about what they can and can’t do, just like Sadie does. It is available in English and Spanish.

Because of her wounds, Sadie doesn’t walk like a normal dog – the bullets and shrapnel are too deeply embedded to remove. And she receives 2 – 3 hours of rehabilitation per day because of all of the muscle and nerve damage she has in her back legs.

“Saving Sadie, How A Dog That No One Wanted Inspired the World,” published by Kensington of New York, is Sadie’s life story, so far. After only 11 months, the book is already in its fourth printing!

It is a dog book with a happy ending, because Sadie is still alive.

Joal Dauer and Sadie travel together, bringing uplifting presentations that teach acceptance of those with special needs. Included is a 6-minute, professionally-produced movie, which you can view at Its theme is anti-bullying, with Sadie in the starring role.

Joal Dauer translates for Sadie when she says, “Be nice to everyone you know, because everyone is struggling with something.”