Quail Run Ostrich Ranch Reopens

The longtime local animal preserve Quail Run has reopened after a year under a county-wide quarantine. Now you are able once again to take the entertaining and educational tours at the Lake Hughes area ostrich ranch, which closed last year due to the Newcastle Disease quarantine.

An event venue and destination for families, Quail Run also sells birds and ostrich eggs. But the ranch has never had a case of the disease because ostriches are a rare breed that never gets sick, according to co-owner Jessica Byers.

“We are law-abiding and believe in the work of protecting both animals and humans, so we complied,” she said in a statement. “But after the quarantine was extended again, it was time to really kick up some dust. With some help from Spectrum News reporter Natalie Brunell’s report that alerted her viewers to our plight, as well as the advocacy of Assemblyman Tom Lackey and the persistent support of Pamela Balch from his office who coordinated with representatives from both Senator Wilk and Supervisor Barger’s offices, we were finally able to communicate the unnecessarily dire state of our situation to the state veterinarians of the CDFA.”

After a meeting with Dr. Haack and Dr. Fowler of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and representatives of the aforementioned politicians’ offices, it was acknowledged that Quail Run does not require the typical permitting process for large-scale egg and bird operations. It is a small ranch with an event site where they are developing a u-pick orchard and educational agri-tours to help them sell produce, ostrich eggs and chicks.

“Once they visited to see how we do things and finally tested our birds and facilities, finding them 100 percent clean … it took under 48 hours for them to finalize issuing us a permit to get back to business!” the statement said. “Please call to set up a visit – you’re all welcome!”

Quail Run Ostrich Ranch is located at 44380 Shaffer Road in Lake Hughes; 661-724-1592 or visit quailrunostrichranch.com.