Meet the Family of Lucky and Maverick Bjorkman

by Lucky and Maverick Bjorkman

Lucky: My name is perfect for me, because I’m a very lucky little girl. I was dumped down the street by my previous owner and my mommy and daddy scooped me up and saved me! I’m pretty sure they thought they were in Oz (I’m a Cairn Terrier and look just like Toto).

If you ask my mom she’ll tell you I’m “the love of her life.”

Maverick: Well, I’m the baby! I was born in September of 2016, and I’m a pit bull mix. My family wanted to know exactly who I was, so they stuck a swab in my mouth and found out I’m: bull mastiff, pit bull, bull dog, white English pointer and Rottweiler.

We had a hard time getting along at first. They would move their mouths and seem like they were mad, but I didn’t hear anything. Lucky and I would shoot each other glances – what was their problem?! Obviously, I was deaf!

I couldn’t communicate with them and I had no idea what they wanted, until they finally got smart. They hired somebody to teach them sign language. I heard my mom telling somebody, “If you ever want to make a lot of money – become a deaf dog trainer. They’re worth their weight in gold.”

We live on an acre and a half in Placerita Canyon and I use every square inch of the property. I love our big yard. But when I go inside, I want to touch my masters a lot. I lie down across their laps, because I love to feel close to them. One of the best things in the world is when my dad isn’t around and my mom lets me get on the couch – just like Lucky gets to do all the time. But if Dad comes home I have to hop down before he sees me.

Of course, Lucky gets to do anything she wants.

Lucky: No I don’t! Mom and Dad let me get on the couch because I’m so sweet … and superior. If you’re in my way, I ignore you. Basically, I just let Mommy carry me on her hip. I’ve lived here for nine years! Besides, I hunt snacks for them. I bring them gophers, rats, birds and anything else that moves. Just because I move around slowly, it doesn’t mean I’m not a master hunter!

Meet our family, on the right: Mike Bjorkman, Ann-Marie Bjorkman (holding me, Lucky), Andy and Maximus with Maverick in front. We are a busy family! Mike and Ann-Marie are local realtors. Andy works with them and Maximus is a student at Hart High. Mike and Ann-Marie are also involved in lots of community non-profits, even chairing events such as the Boys and Girls Club Auction. Photo by Mel Carll