Let’s Hear it! From The Furry Smuddes

When the newest members of the Smudde family – 8-week-old kitten “Licky” and 8-month-old Labrador “Bear” – moved in, the level of fun-loving frenzy doubled. Now a home with a mom, dad, two daughters and four pets, everyone gets to play a part in the household drama.

Bear: Now about 8 months old, I’ve spent so much time with our new kitten, Licky, that we’ve developed a great relationship. When she pounces on me and bites my tail I don’t actually mind. Besides, I get back at him by capturing him and holding him between my paws.

My family sees how sweet and playful I am, but I do have one itsy bitsy, inconvenient habit. I eat everything imaginable. I’m a big, white lab who thinks everything is a chew toy. Don’t leave anything lying around, because I’ll eat it!! They really could fire the gardener, because I even “trim” the bushes. They like to say I ate Christmas, because we ended up at the hospital last December when I needed surgery on my intestines because I devoured something I shouldn’t have.

Licky: I’m Bear’s best friend, a white kitten with a funny name that came from the 2-year-old neighbor who found me on the street and could only say a few words. The name actually makes sense, because I lick everyone all the time – especially their faces and hands.

I was so excited to be rescued, which is why I lick so much, to show my gratitude, but I don’t lick Bear. The family has another name for me: troublemaker. I like to sneak up on Bear and when he’s not looking, pounce on him and bite his tail. And when he holds me between his paws he thinks he’s frightening me, but he’s not. I always come back for more!

Sparky: (not pictured) I’m the senior member of the Smudde household. I’ve been an indoor/outdoor cat for 13 years and, boy, am I a fighter. When I pick battles with the neighbor dog I always win. Some people think of me like Garfield the Cat. It’s not uncommon to find me sitting on the fence dangling my tail to incite the neighbor dogs to jump up, but they never catch it.

Belle: I’m an 8-year-old black pug who loves nothing more than sleeping. If anyone in the house is sleeping in, or even just wants to sit around, I’m there. I love cuddling, so every morning I go from bed to bed, curling up with whoever is still asleep. Twelve noon? No problem! And I’m so well trained that when I hear the click of the electric blanket going on, I run straight there because I know there’s another nap happening.