Kitty Kasas – More Comfort for Cats ‘Shark Tank’ winner pays it forward

by Natalia Radcliffe

Everyone needs a safe, clean place for both rest and recreation – even your cat. A company called Kitty Kasas builds felines forever homes that are virtually indestructible and offer a lifetime guarantee.

The Kitty Kasas Bedroom is an approximately 15-inch x 15-inch x 12-inch cube that snaps together to create a hideaway with a cute silhouette cutout shape and machine washable pillow.

The Kitty Kasa Recreation cube has hanging toys and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The Kitty Kasa Penthouse bed is a perch that fits atop a Kitty Kasa cube enabling your happy cat to have a bird’s-eye view. Your feline can also sit above the rest in the Kitty Kasa Wall Mount. You find a secure anchor point in your house and elevate your Kitty Kasa cube. The kit comes with basic wood screws to mount it and kitty clips to insure it stays securely on the wall. It’s constructed with coated stainless steel for a capable platform for your cat.

The company’s Duro Series uses a single-piece mold and comes in the following styles: bedroom, recreation, gym, and a hanging chair called Kitty Kasas Siesta. They’re easy to clean and the Duro Series are stackable as well.

Shark Tank
The backstory to Kitty Kasas begins in a Daytona Beach animal shelter where owners Nikki Linn and Rusty Niedwick noticed how unsanitary the carpet-covered scratch pads and cardboard boxes were for their felines. The structures got soiled and spread disease, so the two of them began using durable and cleanable plastic boxes the size of milk crates instead.

They developed a product that could be totally cleaned and disinfected —and could be stacked for vertical kitty hiding spots – colorful and modern. Initially, the owners developed the kitty bedrooms and scratch post gym cubes for their own use, but soon there was a demand.

First they sold them in their thrift store, then on a website, and ended up in national chains like Petco.

At national trade shows, Linn and Niedwick were approached by rescues and shelters from around the world. “The shelter and rescue world is where we come from and we wanted to do more to help other shelters,” said Linn.

So they began volunteering time and product to contribute to shelters.

Kitty Kasas chooses at least one shelter or rescue a month and gives a facelift to their kitty rooms for free. They also pick a shelter of the year where they re-do an entire shelter in addition to contributing money. The program has grown, including new national sponsors such as World’s Best Cat Litter and OdoBan. Last year they gave away more than $100,000 in Kitty Kasas.

In Southern California, Kitty Kasas has offered these services to Kittyland in Palm Desert and Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles.
Linn and Niedwick didn’t intend to make Kitty Kasas into a company, but it’s allowed them to expand their mission to rescue cats. The couple auditioned for “Shark Tank” last year with a 90-second pitch to producers. They passed and appeared on a show airing last January after getting a deal with “Shark Tank’s” Lori Greiner.

“We parted ways – different ideas for the direction of the company,” Linn said. “We actually are in the process of selling to a big pet company, but we will still do the shelter portion and design!!!”

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