Eco-Tails, Organic, Biodegradable Pet Products

by Martha Michael

There are few Santa Clarita businesses that can claim a connection to places across the globe, but Eco-Tails, a family-owned company with sustainable, chemical-free pet products, is doing so.

Among the company’s new range of eco-friendly products is its flagship Pet Caves, which provide pets a safe, temperature-regulated hideout. The latest merchandise includes an exclusive line of play balls and interactive toys for pets, all of which are now available on the company’s website,

“At Eco-Tails we are passionate about the health and well-being of all family members, including pets,” said Kamila Sedek, Eco-Tails founder and owner. “We believe that all pet products should be safe, healthy and eco-friendly. Our latest line of products combines elements of modern design with 100 percent organic materials to create a unique range of ecologically sustainable products for pets.”

Eco-Tails founder, Kamila Sedek

All Eco-Tails products are handcrafted by local artisans in Nepal, using sustainably sourced New Zealand wool, chemical-free materials and plant-derived dyes. As a natural fiber, New Zealand wool is extremely comfortable, and also repels odors, bacteria, dust and dirt. In addition, since sheep wool is a natural temperature regulator, it keeps pets warm and cozy during winter and cool during summer. Other than wool, water and organic soap are the only two ingredients used in Eco-Tails’ products, which are created through a special water-felting process.
“I chose Nepal because they have the best artisans over there!” said Sedek. “It was very important that we have the best craftsmanship and the best quality wool on the market.”

As an interior designer, Sedek makes it a priority to have caves with designs and colors that fit modern homes, including a lot of grays and blues. She grew up owning cats and her family fosters kittens every spring.

As part of a deep commitment to the cause of animal welfare, Eco-Tails regularly donates a percentage of all its profits to pet rescue organizations in the U.S. and to local animal shelters. Each customer’s purchase therefore contributes to the well-being of countless other pets.
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