Business Spotlight: Canine Country Club

When we have to leave our kids for awhile – whether it’s a few hours or a weeklong camp – we like to know they’re in safe and loving hands. For dog and cat owners, it’s the same thing – we want a facility where our little ones can stay cool in the summer, warm in winter, have enough to eat and a place to play.

For 30 years, Santa Clarita has been depending on Canine Country Club for just those kinds of features. Since Sharon Rose opened the boarding facility in 1986, thousands of cats and dogs have had the chance to rest in their own indoor/outdoor home-away-from-home while “moms and dads” have been out of town.

Canine Country Club had a record number of clients this summer, with a total of 101 pets one weekend, according to current owners Craig and Crystal Rose. Pet owners need to call to book an appointment ahead of time, as well as show proof of vaccinations, including rabies, bordetella and parvo/distemper.

“Once the kids are out of school, you need to get your appointment as early as possible. We get a wait list,” Crystal Rose said. “This year was so much busier – we filled up early.”

The kennel is seven acres on a 27-acre property off Bouquet Canyon Road. Dogs have air conditioning, plus a doggie door to an outside area. Each one is exercised from 20-40 minutes per day, depending on the age of the dog, the number of animals in the facility at the time, and the temperature outside.

For large dogs, the exercise areas are a third of an acre and a bit smaller for little dogs. Canine Country Club never combines pets from different families.

Felines are housed in a separate area from the dogs and each one has a three-tier cat post plus an opening to their own outdoor areas.

As you might expect, there are a lot more dogs at the boarding facility, because cats are more self-sufficient, Crystal said. Pets are boarded most often due to vacations, but sometimes because of emergencies.

Everything is included in one price – blankets, bowls, exercise time, and even the food. There is an additional $1 charge if pets need specific food or medication administered. Canine Country Club dogs eat Iams Eukanuba and Canidae, plus Iams biscuits. A caretaker lives on the premises and checks on the animals each night, offering a special treat.

“We just try and take care of them like you do at home,” Crystal said.

Canine Country Club is located at 20341 Blue Cloud Road in Santa Clarita. Call for appointments: (661) 296-0566. Visit or find Canine Country Club on Facebook.