Business Spotlight: Animal Communication by The Animal Oracle

Have you ever wished you could talk to your pets? Well, Heather Graham of The Animal Oracle is here for you! Heather is an animal communicator, a form of psychic practice that specializes in talking to your pets. She can help you understand them when you just can’t figure out what’s going on in their heads.

Dogs, cats, horses, birds, you name it — if they speak, she’ll listen. Best yet, she’s local!

Animal communication can help you gain insight into behavioral issues, answer questions about their health, their thoughts and emotions, or help rescue pets settle into new homes. She helps clients when they have sick or elderly animals that are ready to leave their bodies, or tell owners what’s on their pets’ bucket list before they go. It can even improve the performance of show animals.

Heather can connect to both living and deceased animals, and also bring lost pets home.

Intrigued? See for yourself what it’s all about!

Most animals love to have her visit in person, but phone sessions are also available for less welcoming animals. All you need is a good picture, so bring on those bigger behavior problems without fear!

Heather Graham
[email protected]